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Over the recent years, we have witnessed endless possibilities in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. We have seen how innovations have shaped businesses, industries and even our daily lives and of course, everyone have had their fair share of participating in projects that did not deliver that big dream and vision they were sold.
The elites in our society remain as elites in the crypto space, they are the rich who are getting richer; having early access to exclusive launches, insider news of projects before every official announcement to its communities, the "Knights of The Round Table" behind each coordinated series of pump and dump. The flourishing scene of crypto that is supposed to work around the principle of decentralization is now tainted by "whales" and Venture Capitalists who would bag up an enormous plough of a project's tokens in exchange for providing initial financial support. Contradictorily, these investors then become the largest threat to each project and its community - the ones who believed in that ambitious vision, the ones who relentlessly shilled and preached that big dream.
We are here to make that change. We are here to set new standards.
As the world moves towards digitalization and with the unfortunate pandemic around the world, the adoption of cryptocurrency accelerates at lightspeed. With the current "Great Resignation" global phenomena, people from all walks of life are not only turning to jobs that provide tailored flexibility, but at the same time, constantly exploring opportunities in the crypto space that could provide daily passive income, or to eye on a project that could possibly "moonshot". This longing for financial freedom or a desire for multiple income streams has now become a motivation for endless forks of DeFi platforms, some of which could be built by technological geeks who might possibly have zero financial knowledge or professional experience. This resulted in many of such DeFi platforms turning into states of turmoil or self-destruction. On the extreme end, creatively designed schemes by unknown individuals hidden behind the perfect excuse of anonymity, begets the same outcome, vis a vis something that we all are too familiar with, a full monty RugPull. The insatiable lust and longing for a credible team with an everlasting project have become a dominant factor in the society now, and we are here to fill that gap.
As we are witnessing further changes in consumers' behavior around the world; from work to lifestyle changes, we want to take the opportunity to embrace this change and leverage the fact that, while investment opportunities are an ongoing desire, the convenience to deliver such opportunities requires a creative implementation. With the successful innovation of OlympusDAO, we believe in such a product that is built for and owned by the community, where in the spirit of achieving a united goal and vision, everyone involved in MetaReserve would reap in bountiful rewards.
MetaReserve is designed and built by a credible team of known professionals. The experienced team of veterans from Raiona would be responsible for managing the Treasury's assets efficiently, where each decision is made with the consent of the community. YOU will no longer have sleepless nights not knowing the capability of the team behind this gigantic dream. MetaReserve will take the lead in developing the world's first Metaverse of Innovations, incubating and partnering blockchain enabled games, DeFi, NFT and Metaverse projects. A virtual world where you and I can meet, play and explore new opportunities together.

Who Are We?

We are a fully decentralized autonomous organization that is designed by professionals from the financial and technological industry, one that aims for a long-term vision of growth, sustainability and transparency.
MetaReserve is a product developed by the team of Raiona Digital Assets KFT.
Raiona Digital Assets KFT aims to fuse new technologies with trading patterns, market trends and historical data in order to enhance trading abilities by utilizing AI technology to analyze vast amounts of data, creating favourable algorithms and identifying favourable trades regardless of rising or falling values.

What Is MetaReserve?

MetaReserve is a Decentralized Reserve Currency Protocol that aims to take the lead in setting a new benchmark in the wild west world of Decentralized Finance (DeFi).
You might have heard from many DeFi projects emphasizing; “Our codes define who we are”. To put it bluntly, being a “DeFi” platform became the perfect excuse to remain anonymous. More importantly, it is a mystery whether these financial instruments or platforms are designed and managed by qualified individuals, which is of direct implication to how sustainable are its economics.
MetaReserve finds an answer to that by being one of the first in the Decentralized Reserve Currency Protocol project to have a visible team of experts from the financial and technological industry. Together with veteran financial advisors and the profound team of Raiona, the strategic planning, management and execution of the Treasury will be proposed to the community. This is an important key function for the growth of the Treasury which we do see lacking in most of the current DAOs available in the market.
Through the Treasury of MetaReserve, the Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) infrastructure empowers and envision a multi-chain enabled Metaverse built for innovations, where its community decides in its investments; partnering or incubating promising blockchain-enabled games and DeFi platforms. A virtual world where its community can witness the birth of new games, explore new DeFi protocols, understand them and be part of each project’s growth. Revenue generated from all partnerships will further grow the Treasury and at the same time, allow cross-collaboration across various blockchain networks can garner a faster and larger community growth.

How Is MetaReserve Different From Other Reserve Currencies?

Conventional DAO allows its token holders to vote on the “backed price” of the token from the treasury. At MetaReserve, we bring it up a notch, apart from just staking to earn high yields, we aim to further enhance the crypto ecosystem, allowing other projects to flourish by supporting them, at the same time building up our treasury.
We have a clear purpose; to incubate and partner new innovations or forks in the world of blockchain. MetaReserve’s Treasury targets to allocate a portion of its assets to invest into selected projects and such decisions are made by the DAO. Community members can earn governance tokens and vote on proposed projects to be incubated or partnered with and easily navigate to “MetaReserve Laboratory” to have a quick overview of selected projects as voted by the community.
This initiative enables a seamless and dedicated acceleration platform for projects, giving them the financial assistance, audience and a virtual environment that creates a unique experience for everyone. As an incentive of being part of the governance token structure, community members can gain exclusive early access to new project launches.

We are building an Ecosystem.

More than just a Reserve Currency with the purpose of incubating or partnering promising projects of the GameFi/DeFi space, we want to bring our community an actual Metaverse of Innovations. You must have heard much about Metaverse for social activities, or one that is meant for gaming. We believe in a digital future, where ambitious investors no longer need to travel around the world or to simultaneously join hundreds of launchpads and online communities just to expose themselves to more investment opportunities. We are building a virtual world to unite businesses, projects, platforms in one destination where our users can be in their favourite avatar, explore soon-to-launch projects or join an existing fast-growing P2E game, or learn more about new DeFi protocols that can further grow your digital wealth. Meet new friends, compete with each other in Mini-Games, trade your NFTs, learn and understand more about revolutionizing ideas.

MetaReserve will attract project owners.

With a growing community and partners, MetaReserve aims to launch MetaDEX in 2022, a multi-chain enabled decentralized exchange. We want to provide a seamless experience for both users and partners, allowing convenient listing tokens and a user-friendly destination to trade.
It is no longer a one-stop solution for users/investors, but also for our partners, where a full suite of services is provided, tailored for each project's success. The MetaReserve's Treasury provides financial assistance or acceleration and the Metaverse provides a virtual destination for our partners to have a far and wide outreach. MetaDEX allows convenient listing of tokens and seamless trading experience for all users, garnering further community growth and bringing in more liquidity to our exchange, thus enhancing the overall financial health of MetaReserve. Our final development would be MetaBank, a lending/borrowing platform for the community.

What Is Reserve Currency?

The term “Reserve Currency” refers to a currency that is essentially backed by a Reserve, much like how the Central Banks manage their currencies using reserve assets, a Decentralised Reserve Currency Protocol (DRCP) manages their currency with their crypto reserve assets. This means that the price of the issued currency/token is backed by a Treasury, also known as the Reserve, giving users of the protocol a further layer of assurance knowing that the price of the token they have purchased does not fall below a floor value.
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